Rest In Feces

by Shithead


Shithead Harrison, New York

A five-volume collection of demos, b-sides, and bedroom recordings shared between friends centered around SUNY Purchase. Dec. 2012 - Apr. 2013

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take your eyes, fix them close
In the corners you'll see the most
stare down silence all the time
to forget, ripped up pages and late nights spent
stare down silence all the time

I can see it in your eyes baby,
but your search for something real
you can pin it you can give it name
but its something that you cant feel

cause baby you keep on staring, but it's not so visible
and baby you keep on staring, but it's not so visible
Track Name: ROOFS
Throw me further down the rolling hill
By those tills that were dug deep into
Those rooves in the air
By your white hands so bare

I can't help but stare
But you don't care that I'm right there

So stay wherever you will not see me
I feel clean whenever I can't breath

I feel you crawling up my knees
"Just leave"

I'm too mean
Track Name: IT'S CRAZY!
Its crazy how much I gave up to be miserable. And I'm still.
And I didn't look up from my feet, I just followed your talk.
And I never open up my umbrella, I just let the rain hit my head while I walk.
Track Name: SOFTCORE
Holding everything inside out
Baby, kiss me. Forget her for the night
Move me slowly, sway me side to side
Baby, tease me. Don't you dare think twice
Track Name: SEAMS
seems like a good day to fight

tomorrow i'll be at your door

lean in close, you'll hear the ghost

i'll be like the seagull without a coffin

i let go of the ropes and i smile

asking nothing for no answers have returned

this is where i draw the line

no more clipping skins and drumming coats

fates been flattened out in time

horrors scattered to the wind

i stopped wondering what it's like on the other side
Track Name: QUIT IT
Your lips are stained from all the wine you've been drinking
Why won't you just give it up?

Cause people are staring
And your eyes are glazing
Don't you think it's
About time we called it quits

Cause nobody believes you
And nobody cares

But you're just a liar
And your setting me on fire
And it really
Just ain't even fair
Track Name: SURE
Like a backwards polaroid
I watch you slip into the void

And I'm not so sure that
I'm any better off

I'm no boy anymore in the sense that
I don't believe a thing I hear

Roll dat blunt, smoke it slow
Swag on high, Y-O-L-O
Some men seek lives of repetition
Satisfaction and security
Fulfillment of their fathers' dreams
Upward social mobility

Light a candle for your saint
Blow it out and run away
Build a ladder and knock it down
Onto the fools' gold-paved ground

I hear the cries of the immigrant sons
Dreaming of the homeland
I hear the whispers of the bankers' wives,
"Darling, they will never understand"

The light that shines on me
Is just the glow from the TV
thats not right nor true
i'm never over you
you never made me stay
now i'm drivin' back everyday

you should know you let me down
now i'm gone, so long
now it's over
you got your way

thats not right nor true
i'm never over you
now now, it's over
so long, so long
lying on your car hood
i don't care where we are at all
smoke in front of the stars
your fingers twisted around that cigar
and "i want to die, i wanted to die"
Track Name: BARK
There’s no bark on this tree
Children think it’s funny
Stripped of leaves
(Prior to all that I heard, all that they said)
The coldness leaves it fleshy and vulnerable
(I swear I was so strong)

Children laugh and break all of it branches
To prove that even they
Can uproot something so sturdy
The fire crackles cricks and crackles
They dance around their horrid victory
‘Till the flame dies out

Now all that’s left
(Now I know)
Is bark dead and white
(What I did wrong)
And in the grass
(Why I can’t be the same)
The birds tell it
(Once I believed)
It can be a tree again
(One mean thing)
But it knows it’s just a pile of wood in the ground
(All the nice things felt wrong)
Track Name: 4D PROCESSES
pictures do no justice.
i’m buried in this shit food.

little brother and his husband
are trying to get your attention
and i place two fingers into my mouth
and ask my friends if they’ve ever
wanted to die.

but i’m so afraid to die
so when i see you somewhere,
i’ll just wish i could fall asleep
or i could shoot some drug free liquid courage
into my arms with my
mechanical pencil syringe.
and then i’ll write you an invitation back home.

we’re in the basement
and our school mascots are there
and we're singing along
to a fight song
for blind people
who give up
and stop trying
just like me.
is that okay?
because i think i’m more than what you "say"
Track Name: PEACHES
lime + aaron
tape + calvin
are tellin' me to kiss u

my lips were red
now they're peaches
+ i wanna kiss u

i don't think about it that often
but when i do
i think about it all the time
Track Name: YOU'RE MY BABY
youre my baby youre my sugar girl
youre my thing on the side
youre a fucking bitch
yeah youre my baby
i could give a shit
youre my baby
youre my baby girl
but i dont give a fuck
yeah a youre a slut on the town
and you know what you want
i like that shit and youre pretty hot
youre my baby
sugar child honey-gril
yeah youre a slut
Concrete notebooks, they pile up in my room back home.
It’s fucking hard to stay afloat when your only words are made of stone.
And your bones fight the currents of blood that drown your words at night.

Lawless presidents and terrorists make your life living hell.
People read the newspapers, yeah they all know the DOW JONES fell.
But while they plug themselves back in at night to charge and sleep,
I’ll pull my teeth out and live without the written word as I lay out in the streets.

I will hold onto these dying trends.
Until they loop back and are here again.
Yes I’m aware that these times are dead.
But goddamit I’m gonna miss my friends.

I lay down on a hollow bed of feathers and regret cause I don’t need it.
Slice me at the ankles, I want it to be known that I’ve been defeated.
But with the guts of a pidgeon and the wings of a flightless bird,
I will remove my clothing and deconstruct every single thing I’ve ever learned.

Do you want to derail trains with me?
Do you want to derail this fucking mess?
Track Name: YOU GET IT
i never have to explain it to you
the things i like or the things i do
cause you like the same things too
yeah you get it
you get it you do